Thursday, March 28, 2019

A Few Words–Please Read


1. -  Do to the limitations of my photo host (Postimage), I can’t upload any photo or drawing bigger than 10MB to this blog. This means that my very large scans (Up to 52MB) need to be reduced.

When I do that, I realize that some of the smaller lettering can become illegible. If this happens and you really need that drawing, send me an email requesting a larger copy. I may be contacted at: aviationarchives(at)

Most of the time, something can be arranged; but, please be patient, as this blog is generating a lot of discussion and requests and I do have a life!.

2. - Note on My Image Holder PostImg message "server not found" had a registry problem about a year ago and they had to move to
All photos are still available; but, the "CC" must be subtituted for "ORG" in the corresponding URL address to get to the proper place. (Hold cursor over link to get URL address or change in address line.) becomes
Also... any URLs with the prefix "old." need to have that removed completely as well. IE, should be amended to
Let me know if I need to fix any links beyond the dozens that I have already fixed.

3. – Next a plea, if you have any material such as photos, manuals, patches, brochures or drawings. Or anything else, (Especially Douglas, McDonnell Aircraft or McDonnell Douglas); please get in touch with me at the email above and we will work something out to get it published.

After all, that is why I started this blog so as to preserve and disseminate all this material before it is lost or destroyed! I have dumpster dived and grabbed anything I could over the years to save material; but, I have seen way too much of it thrown away. Let’s not let that happen!


F16VIPER said...

Thank you very much for the effort you put in making this information available to us.
Much appreciated.

F16VIPER said...

Just a silly question. Could you not u[load those special large scans to google drive. or Microsoft. I think they have bigger capacity.

Iskender Mailibayev said...

Thank you for this notice! Now I can download the images.

world knowledge said...

Thanks for the effort friend....

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