Thursday, December 3, 2020

XF3H-1 Demon Wind Tunnel Photos

LAL_64228 A number of photos of one of the McDonnell F3H Demon models from NACA 12 ft Langley Low Speed Wind Tunnel ltest #98 LAL 64232. This was a 1/10 scale model of the XF3H-1 in clean condition with some outboard stall vanes. From July 1950. Credit: NASA

Download here or here or here or here or here (3.5 Megs)


W. Kelly said...

This model is a breathtaking work of art. I cringe to think of what misfortune may have descended upon it after it outlived its usefulness. Maybe it is still stored somewhere. I can only hope.

Tailspin said...

Thanks - I’m pretty sure that is the spin-test model rather than a low-speed wind tunnel test model per se. Note that it has positionable control surfaces and spring-wire landing gear.

Tailspin said...

I’m pretty sure that is the spin-test model rather one designed for the low-speed wind tunnel per se (the spin tunnel was vertical rather than horizontal). Note the positionable control surfaces and the spring-wire “landing gear”.

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