Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Douglas Aircraft Model 725

Standard Aircraft Characteristics for the Douglas Aircraft Model 725. The Model 725 carrier based attack airplane was a single place, jet-powered design proposal. It was basically
identical to the Model A4D—5 except for a new nose section and a modified cockpit. Modal 725 was capable of accomplishing a low altitude close support mission. 

A modified long range, low altitude attack mission could have been completed at 8OO N.Mi. radius without refueling and a 1000 N.Mi. radius mission is available with one
refueling from another Model 725 airplane. Dated 15 August 1957. Credit: AlternateWars

Note: Not much is known about this proposal; so, if anyone has any info – please share!

Download here or here or here (7.8 Megs)


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