Monday, July 9, 2018

McDonnell F-110A “Spectre” Project Hopscotch Reports

F-110-Project-Hopscotch-Report-No.87 Project Hopscotch introduced the F-110A to the Tactical Air Command. Two F-110A's were delivered on 24 January 1962 to TAC
Headquarters for air crew familiarization and training, maintenance training and weapon system demonstration. Extensive flight operations have been conducted at Langley. Nellis with Connally, and Shaw Air Force Bases to be visited. Documentation of these operations are presented herein.

Click here to download Project Hopscotch Report No.8761 (.5 Megs)

Alternate report 8761 download here

Click here to download McAir Internal Hopscotch Memos (1 Meg)

Alternate download for internal memos here


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing Ron. Any more McDonnell F-4 internal memos floating around your archives?

Aviation Archives said...

No more that I know of right now!

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