Thursday, January 1, 2015

F-15A No. 71-0289 Chase Plane


Scan 1147  This is F-15A-4-MC-71-0289. This tenth F-15A first flew on 16 January 1974 and was used as a radar, electronic warfare and avionics test aircraft at Edwards Air Force Base. After its use at EAFB and Eglin Air Force Base, it returned to St. Louis for chase plane use in a blue and white paint scheme. It was a frequent sight on the MDC ramp. Notice that this aircraft never had a test boom. Also, I have included some great photos from R. Ray Leader showing 0289 while at Eglin Air Force Base with and without it’s flight test paint scheme.

Click here to view 71-0289 photos

Click here to see the F-15A-4-MC-71-0283 chase plane


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